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I believe that this thing we call life is one BIG adventure brimming with abundance and infinite possibility.

I believe that each of us is gifted, worthy, a touch crazy and that we have all the answers within.

Every. Single. Person. Period.

The one thing I know for sure is that when we get over the fear and start following that little voice inside us, awesome stuff starts happening .... just like magic.

Hi, I'm Darcie

Big life advocate 

I would say that curiosity is my expertise which was born from my own personal journey of self-discovery that began in my early 30s. As with any hero's journey, it all started with transition and upheaval in my life, which included the combination of the birth of my son and the divorce shortly after.


I have been following the breadcrumbs from the Universe ever since.  


My passion is curating and creating powerful live and online events, courses, retreats, and festivals to support living a BIG life --- health & wellness, personal growth, and the connection to body-mind-soul.

I most recently hosted the Metaphysically Fit Summit in 2022 and am the founder of Meta Fit Studio and host of the Too Cool For Midlife podcast.

Born and raised in Hawaii, I have a deep love of nature, whether it is sand, surf, mountains, or trees. I am also a mother of one amazing human who has taught me so much more about myself and about life than any retreat or personal development course ever could.


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